Build a DIY Slouch Detector That Alerts You When You Don’t Sit Up Straight…

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Build a DIY Slouch Detector That Alerts You When You Don’t Sit Up Straight

Thorin Klosowski

2 minutes ago

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We all tend to slouch in our chairs now and again, and for some people, that means back problems. If you’re sick of slouching all the time, Adafruit’s put together a slouch detector that sets off an alarm when your posture is failing.


The idea here is to build a little wearable that sits in your pocket, and when you slouch, it beeps at you. It’s a simple little device, but if you find yourself slouching a lot, it might be exactly what you need to improve your behavior. The device itself is made with a Circuit Playground, some batteries, a pin, and a few lines of code. You’ll find everything you need over on Adafruit.

Circuit Playground Slouch Detector | Adafruit

Thorin Klosowski

Writer, Lifehacker

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