You can now find all of NASA’s photos on a single, searchable site – SlashGear report error

You can now find all of NASA’s photos on a single, searchable site – SlashGear

NASA, as wonderful as it is, has never made finding content on its website simple. The space agency, which is spread across many centers and entities like the JPL and Johnson Space Center, has made its public photos and videos available across many different parts of its overall website. If you didn’t have a list of all the possible places in which the photo may be published, it could be very difficult to find a particular bit of content. All of that, thankfully, has just changed.

NASA has launched its new ‘NASA Image and Video Library’ at the website. Through this site, users can search for photos, videos, or audio…or all three or a combination of any two. The newest uploads automatically appear beneath the search field, and there’s a separate tab for ‘Most Popular’ content.

Clicking on any particular image takes users to a neatly arranged page with a thumbnail of the photo, its EXIF data from the camera, shortcuts to share the content on social media, as well as a URL to the full resolution, a download button for downloading the full-res image, and data about the photo such as its NASA ID, keywords, the date it was created, the center that produced it, and more.

As Ars details, this was a massive undertaking for the space agency, involving the collecting of tens of thousands of images and more, finding and eradicating duplicates, and more. It seems this search site has been years in the making, and was produced in part with InfoZen. The end result is a very simple and straight-forward way to locate content using simple search terms. Searching ‘Mars,’ for example, returns 16,000 pieces of content in only a few seconds.

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