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The best headphones for your Gear VR | VRHeads

Find the best headphones to bring your VR experience to the next level.

Audio is an integral part of how we experience VR, and headphones are a big part of that. VR is meant to be an immersive experience, and without headphones it doesn’t quite hit the same peaks. Trying to figure out which headphones are right for you can be difficult though, with so many choices on the market so we’ve narrowed down the best headphones out there.

Bluetooth Headphones

If you’re a fan of as few wires as possible, then you probably want to go the route of bluetooth. While you will need to make sure you charge these models before using them, it does mean that you won’t get tangled up when you are enjoying yourself in VR. However with many bluetooth headphones there is an issue with latency, so they’re not really your best option. If you still want to go the bluetooth route though, these headphones will do you a solid.

The design of Samsung’s gear circle is meant to stay out of your way. Attaching by bluetooth, you’ll just have a small plastic piece that sits against the back of your neck. It’s leightweight enough you might even forget that it’s there when you’re shooting at space pirates. They won’t break the bank, while delivering quality audio for your adventures in VR.

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These bluetooth earbuds from Samsung were built for exercise, but they can deliver an excellent experience while you are in your Gear VR. They stay put no matter how much you end up bobbing or weaving, and have absolutely no cords of any kind. While they are fairly pricy, these earbuds will make sure that you can hear everything that is going on.

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Over the ear headphones

Over the ear headphones can often give you a much larger sound, or give you access to noise cancelling technology so that you can leave the real world behind you. They also tend to work much better with Gear VR, so that what you are hearing and what you are seeing properly sync up. While wearing over the ear headphones may not seem like the better option for immersion, they often have features that let you sink deeper into the VR experience you’ve chosen to explore. With all of that in mind, these are the headphones to check out.

If you’re looking for an affordable and comfortable pair of over the headphones then take a peek at Edifier’s H840’s. They give you noise reducing, which definitely helps when you’re trying to ignore the real world while in VR. Comfortable for wear even when you go for more than an hour.

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If you want top of the line headphones that will help you leave the real world behind, then Bose is where it’s at. While they are a bit pricy, you’re paying for top notch quality. You get access to great sound, and serious noise cancelling ability, which brings immersion to the next level.

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If you’ve been waiting for a pair of headphones full of awesome features, then you should certainly check out the Fiil Diva Pro headphones. That’s because they are wired and wireless headphones that offer a leg up on everything the competition has to offer. It boasts Sound muffling, 3D sound, 4G of space to store music, and plenty more. You can bet they’ll be a hot commodity as soon as they hit the market. You can even check out a full review of them by Mr.Mobile if you want to see them in action.

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