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Digital Offers: Keep all of your devices juiced up for $60 | Android Central

We’ve all been out and about or on a trip where power outlets are scarce and devices are many. At this point, our phones are our connection to the world, and our laptops and tablets are all but a necessity, especially when we travel. If you find yourself running out of battery on all your devices, where do you turn?

You need a reliable external battery bank. These devices have USB ports through which you can charge up your devices, and, in most cases, they can even charge some devices multiple times over. It all depends on the battery’s capacity. If you’re someone who has many devices that require on-the-go charging, then you’ll need a BIG battery bank.

The ZeroLemon ToughJuice power bank has a 30,000mAh battery and 5 USB ports, one of which is capable of charging your devices at Quick Charge 2.0 speeds. It even has a USB-C port for current devices. The ToughJuice usually retails for around $130, but at Android Central Digital Offers, it’s only $59.99, a savings of 53%.

With 30,000mAh, the power bank can charge your phone around eight times (depending on your phone and usage, your tablet twice (again, depending on your tablet and usage), and your MacBook once (again… depending on your MacBook and usage). This battery bank is compatible with just about every device, and thanks to Android Central Digital Offers, it’s compatible with your wallet too. Keep your devices charged and ready to go, on the go, but don’t spend $130. Grab the ZeroLemon ToughJuice at Android Central Digital Offers for $59.99.

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