Is Trader Joe’s Pour-Over Bag the Ultimate in Coffee Convenience?…

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Is Trader Joe’s Pour-Over Bag the Ultimate in Coffee Convenience?

Claire Lower

Today 3:00pm

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Photos by Claire Lower

People who really love their coffee are always looking for ways to drink good coffee in spaces that are not conducive to brewing good coffee, and Trade Joe’s seeks to fill this need with a handy little brew-in-the-bag coffee pouch, complete with spout.

This bag will set you back about two bucks.

The concept is simple: you just twist off the tip of the spout and open the top of the bag, pour hot water in up to the fill line, let it sit for four minutes, and pour the coffee into cups. It’s a great idea, but the product is really only as great as the coffee it makes, so I called in my snobby coffee friend—you may remember Chris from this little experiment—to help me evaluate the situation.

Here you can see the filter the coffee has to pass through before hitting the spout.

The first thing Chris pointed out to me is that, while it is called a “pour-over coffee brewer,” the system is actually more of filtered/French press hybrid, which TJ’s acknowledges on the back of the bag. In terms of customizing your brew, there are a few things you can adjust to affect the flavor and strength. Though you can’t adjust grind size—which is finer than the typical French press grind but coarser than drip—you can adjust the temperature and amount of water, and you can leave it in the pouch for a longer or shorter amount of time than the recommended four minutes.